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Default Re: How do you "sit" on a punch? What is punch "leverage"? How do you transfer weight

Originally Posted by OMGWTF View Post
Lastly Should you have all your weight on the front foot when you pivot for a left hook, and then all your weight on the right foot as you pivot for the right cross? Should the weight transfer from the pivot only or is very slight leaning over one foot or the other foot involved as well? Its just when I try to pivot on my foot and it has all my body-weight on it it greatly slows down the pivot and therefore the punch because of all the friction on the ball of the foot.

It depends on which angle your throwing the punch, for exmple after you throw a straight right you will be on the inside with more weight (not all your wieght) on your front foot. When your throw the left hook you simultaniously shift more wieght to your rear foot while turning your hips and shoulders into the punch. But remember to maintain a good stance for good balance.

So your on the right track with wieght transfer idea. But the wieght transfer comes from turning your hips and shoulders into the punch.
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