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Default Re: Oscar:If Arum is involved,Mayweather does not want to fight Pacquiao.

Originally Posted by Lance_Uppercut View Post you really like to chase your own tail this much? For one, who gets ALL the test results? GBP? TR? Floyd? It's the NSAC who needs to over see this, and have access to them. UNTIL that is the case, testing will not be done across the board, and until it's done across the board, it's not a requirement to make the fight. Not to mention, they accused Pac of cheating FIRST, Got that? They insult him, then bring this up. I already know you don't blieve that, or think it matters, but it does to some. Besides, this ONE stipulation that you think Floyd asked for just so he can get one, is what originally stopped this, and left Floyd w/o the ONE person who can give him that fight he needs. Excpet Floyd apparently thinks differently. Why would he do all this for a fight that is the defining fight for him, and one he claims he'll win easily? Again...fight vs. Pac gives him the most money, gives him the one thing his resume lacks, a defining win, and quiets the critics. But Floyd dances around it instead. As many have already said, Floyd's antics do not make sense, nor are they consistent with someone who WANTS the fight.
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