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Default Re: Oscar:If Arum is involved,Mayweather will never fight Pacquiao.

Originally Posted by OnePunchKO View Post
Are you a ****ing re****? The May bout was contingent upon Pacquiao taking a 40 million dollar flat fee.

Let's talk FACTS:

First, it was blood testing.

Then it was money.

Then it was a lack of urge.

Now it's because of a promoter.

How do you not see these things as bull**** excuses to dodge the fight? Cause you're a ****ing re**** with an agenda!

Oh, and let's not forget that Team Mayweather claimed that no negotiations took place only for Ross Greenburg (then head of HBO and completely neutral party) to come out with an OFFICIAL STATEMENT and say that the fight was pretty much a done deal, and that Floyd is the only one who can answer why he walked away. On top of this, just a mere week before, Oscar told a Mexican journalist "We're close" when asked about the fight. Oscar IMMEDIATELY went on the defensive and claimed that his words were taken out of context.

"Yes, Manny Pacquiao, you're next!"

"Don't put words into my mouth, I never said Manny Pacquiao was next."

"I only say what the fans want to hear."

These three direct quotes from Floyd should give you all the evidence you need that the man doesn't want it.

You must have reading comprehension problems

Where in my post did I mention Floyd or Pacs demands negotiating? Because I don't remember mentioning Floyd, or Pacquiao, I said Arum does not want to make the fight, and listed reasons why, upon Floyd saying he wanted to fight in May, when NO mention of 40m, or any split had been made, arum did his best to make excuses as to why they couldn't fight in May

Which indicates he clearly doesn't want the fight
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