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Default Re: 20a87 is English. mundine has fans worldwide!

Originally Posted by TheDuke View Post
Oh God.

Imagine that phone call.
YA- Allo,allo
TC- G'day mate my names Ty I post on a boxing forum where another poster who posts on that forum said you are another poster who posts on that forum under the name 20a87 and he met you by chance at Perth Hotel where you admitted to being a troll who makes pro Mundine threads to wind people up and push their buttons.
YA- I take monsieur Mundine pictures oui I am how you say photographer type taking pictures.
TC- Yeah mate sweet but do you post as 20a87 on the Aussie forum at Eastside boxing?
YA- Click.

Although if you google 20a87 images it is photography related.
but then again this comes up as well.
Could CHB be right?
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