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Default Re: my getting in shape for the army log

Originally Posted by tri-pod View Post
by august i plan on being able to do the following:

15 pull ups

50 push ups in under two minutes

100 sit ups in under two minutes.

run two miles in under 15 minutes and 5 miles in under 40.

now i got some work ahead of me as i am out of shape and could never do one pull up.

ive started lifting for pull up specific muscles now and will hopefully be able to get at least 6 by mid march.

as far as push ups go the most i can do right now in under two minutes is close to 20-25.

my running time is three miles in 40 minutes but was alot better when i was going to my gym so that will work its way back up.

sit ups arent that much of a problem when im in shape so once i go back to my boxing gym in a couple of weeks that will be no problem i will be posting my workouts for the day hear to keep me motivated on my dream of going airborne in the army and getting my jump wings.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.
The army is changing its APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) all together again. As it stands now the events are a joke: 2 minutes push ups and sit ups nd a 2 mile timed run. Push ups you must "break the plane". Get in the habit of your chest hitting the ground. I hated the army. HATED it. But it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Dont get me wrong its not hard. Right place right time right uniform. Anyway look up "new army pt test" and train for that and well as basic pu/su/ and 2 miles run. When it comes to the run do it on roads. Get used to it. Dont like it dont sign up. Uphill is your best friend. Conquer that and make it easy youll never fall out of a run which means you wont be a "**** bag". Any other questions message me. Im still pretty fresh from the army.
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