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Default Re: Official Aussie NRL Thread

i heard he was a lazy trainer BEFORE he went to AFL. i still believe he has better AFL skills than hunt. but hunt has a go. folau is lazy.

its a good example for young blokes looking to do well as a senior. folau has all the advantages over hunt; height, weight, speed, marking ability, talent, etc. hunt just tries harder. he pushes himself. he dedicates himself.

i thought hunt was too much of a meathead to become an AFL 'sophisticate'. he proved me wrong. i thought izzy might find a role that didnt include running too much, but obviously ive misjudged the game of AFL.

but i cant say im sorry that one of the PI experiments failed. AFL matches the australian demographic. NRL now has over 45% of pacific island kids in their under 20s comp. the NRL is flooded with big, talented PI men. i dont begrudge them their talent or opportunity. but NRL could turn it round a bit with less interchange...which they refuse to will kill the game from the bottom up. juniors parents dont want their kids playing monsters.

but the change for interchange is something that is inevitable in AFL. the interchange will be slashed to make athletes run more. that will keep AFL 'australian'. and free of a small population of 'explosive' athletes. it will also keep the demographic picture of the australian population reflected in AFL. not the NRL.

that, is a winner. the AFL over the next 20 years are going to domminate QLD and NSW if the NRL dont address their image to parents. it looks, and is brutal. parents care for their kids. they dont want them monstered. the NRL is going the way of americas NFL. gridiron can get away with it. its americas game, but it has no competition. but NRL has a compeditor that the american game doesnt. australia has its own game that reflects its demographics more evenly. that game is AFL. AFL is going to slaughter the NRL in the next 20 years in QLD and NSW...
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