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Default Re: Oscar:If Arum is involved,Mayweather will never fight Pacquiao.

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
and let us remember that this all stemmed off from floyd and his camps public accusations of pac using PEDs. and the mediator mentioned that both parties failed to make a deal so why would you accuse pac of walking out? they could have fought and settle for a middle ground of 19 days cut-off but didn't.

the cut-off is just one thing. pac conceded to 14 days and then to full cut-off. but floyd is not interested still siting that he needs more money and the higher split. he even wants all the PPV share for himslef. he also frequently sites needing to have his vacations when negotiations, especially the second one, is close to being made as mentioned by oscar and was later on confirmed by greenburg. right now, floyd is moving the goalpost again by saying that he cannot confirmed a fight for early next year and he just lost 15 pounds.

EVERYTIME PAC is waiting in the wings what do you hear from floyd's camp..

I'm on vacation

After the vacation

I need a tune up fight

After the tune up fight

I can't fight PAC he's on drugs/PED

After the drug testing issue was resolved. what's next..

I will not fight pac if he's with ARUM

ENDLESS EXCUSES! Some people are simply blind!
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