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Default Re: Does legacy pay ?

There are a few factors to consider here. If Spider just wanted to safely cash-in, he could do it now
Safely cash in by fighting who, GSP. I'm not sure thats a safe fight.

Then again, does he want to fight Jones, and if so, could he make more money fighting Jones than he could in say the next say 5 years if he didn't fight Jones?
Im not sure how much they pay for athletes for appearances yet I did hear a rumour Lance Armstrong was offered a few hundred thousand to race in the Tour Down Under. I dont really think appearances or magazine interviews in the short term will even come lose to the Money Dana would be offering Silva/Jones to fight. In the long run retiring on a winning streak could be financially Positive. Im sure Calzaghe can demand a premium.

If Silva loses, yes hes made some good coin but he would also want to string together a few wins via GSP & perhaps Weidman. He may end up retiring with his last 3 fights being loses, just like Liddell.

Legacy certainly doesn't have the same currency at the bank that cash does.
Very true.
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