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Default Re: 20a87 is English. mundine has fans worldwide!

Originally Posted by whipsy View Post
Certain peiople get bagged for getting on here and talking before they think, Being drunk when posting etc.. .Yet others do it and say some of the most despicable **** you could imagine but are still likeable? People baffle me at times
Originally Posted by Sox View Post
You must be easily baffled.

Seriously though, it's all in the presentation.
Tony was alright, but he obviously had some demons - who doesn't?

I should also add, the internet mostly brings the worst out in people.
"baffle" eh..

Say "baffle" 3 times and it feels weird...

"baffle, baffle, baffle" hehehe...

Say it a few more times and it loses all meaning and just makes your mouth feel weird...

"baffle" - now there's a word.
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