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Default Re: K-1 2012 Final 16

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Blake was undefeated, but his fight with Cro Cop was only his second time fighting outside of Oklahoma, and his two most notable wins are over a very old Marvin Eastman, and a very old Dewey Cooper, neither of which were ever great kickboxers themselves. Plus, he fights in a very point based karate style, very rarely sitting on any of his strikes. Cro Cop didn't really have to fear the knockout, and won purely on being the aggressor.

No, it wasn't a particularly great win. It just showed that Blake isn't ready for the world scene, and that his style doesn't adapt very well to K1.
Yes that's a good post actually. I pretty much agree. I think Blake is a very good athlete in general, but with that style he's not gonna make it.
He's too light too. Quite a difference with someone like Carter Williams.

I think that if they want some US fighters in K-1, they should make their debut in Supercombat first and if they get some experience there and eventually get the big win, they should get their chance to move to K-1.
Dropping them in K-1 right away doesn't seem to be a good idea as they are not good enough yet and that's not good for the spectators as well. Vigney got his reality check right away.
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