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Default Re: Manny Pacquiao says Floyd Mayweather Jr. is "avoiding" him

Originally Posted by mrjotatp4p View Post
Hold up brah. Team Pac turned this **** into a circus. Put all opinions to the side and let us all look at facts.

Floyd asked for random testing from the very beginning. Manny got what he wanted and Floyd asked for the testing. Team Pacquiao actually agreed to do the full testing from the very start and then they backed out on it and wanted cut offs. Floyd went into mediation just to save the fight and offered a 14 day cut off.

Manny himself said that he would do it but he just didn't want to to a blood test the day of the fight. When Manny was told that he had a 14 day window he said that was too close to the fight.

Now anyone in their right mind would think that was suspect and that is when Floyd started talking ****.
Excellent post, well done sir. Floyd had every right to talk **** too since Arum came out of the mediation, blasted Floyd, then straight up LIED about what happened in the negotiation, the mediator even admitted it
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