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Default JohnAnthony Retires from All Pac/Floyd discussions. Who's with me?

Hi fellow Pac**** and *****s.

I have enjoyed arguing with Many of you over the last 4 years. I am hear by announcing that i am retiring from all future discussion concerning floyd mayweather and manny pac.

I will happily discuss them on an individual basis should they have a fight coming up.
However i will no longer compare the two fighters in anyway.

So i apologise to anyone who may be upset by this and enjoyed arguing with me.
I will still be available on other threads discussing boxing, but i am no longer venturing into anythread comparing the two, or just something non trivial about either boxer, be it a pointless interview etc.
I am no longer getting involved with petty discussions about Manny and drug testing. And Manny's Catchweights. Or any Manny beliefs that came from the Mayweathers, and are repeated every day by his fans.

I will continue to discuss the upcoming manny marquez fight. And if floyd decides to fight again, I will discuss that fight.

But i will nevver mention the two fighters in the same sentence untill a fight between the two is officially announced.

This has been going on too long. If anyone would like to follow suit. Then please announce in here.

So i must say good buy to the many posters that are only on these threads to discuss these matters.

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