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Default Re: USA Today: "It's Official Floyd is Terrified!"

Originally Posted by KnuckleUp99 View Post
Bull****...Ray and Hearns took roid tests before and the Monday AFTER the fight. Holy took a roid test AFTER the fight with Tyson.

Again....PAC agreed to RANDOM Testing...that was never the issue....the issue was the stipulation that Floyd wanted in his testing protocol that required blood testing up to the day of the fight.

Manny agreed to random urine testing ALL the way up to the fight without hesitation.

The weight penalites in place by the state athletic commissions are fine...but when a fighter blatantly misses weight....then a bigger penalty might prevent a similar situation from happening again.
Floyd never demanded Pac get drug tested on the day of He gave Pac a 14 day cut off at mediation and Team Pac cancelled the bout.
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