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Default Re: Sky sign deal with Golden Boy

Originally Posted by Black_Rainbows View Post
As I have said before, Sky are never going to show everything. (At the moment, they aren't showing much international boxing at all.) If you want good coverage of boxing in the UK then you need more than one channel showing it. I would love for international boxing to be on free TV, but it's not going to happen.

The rights aren't even supposed to be that expensive, and yet the main free channels have shown **** all interest in the past decade and probably longer. I remember Nuts TV had a 4 fight deal with Sauerland but that channel didn't last long. ****ing Nuts TV can show a live heavyweight world title fight, but the BBC can't do them? It's not that they can't, it's that the ****s don't want to. (Because combat sports don't appeal to the middle class liberals running the BBC?)

But anyway, yeah, it's not getting coverage on the free channels. So if we want boxing on UK TV that means subscription TV. I guess that could either be something like ESPN, or a dedicated boxing channel like BoxNation. I will take a dedicated boxing channel as they can't drop the sport for rugby or whatever.

Some people say that F.W. can't make star names on such a small channel. Well actually, let's wait and see. One thing that F.W. can do now is put his fighters on Golden Boy shows and get them US exposure, and that could kind of help possibly--if fighters are good enough--in building their name.

I don't really like PPV--funnily enough--but if you consider the "Magnificent Seven" shows that F.W. did... well that's a lot better than Haye vs Audley which Sky Sports apparently WANTED TO DO. If anyone deserves the blame for ****ing up PPV boxing on Sky then I'm thinking that maybe Sky itself should be first to be blamed. They either (at least) cleared the Haye vs Audley fight as deserving of PPV, or they may well even have been PUSHING for the fight to happen.

How would W*rren having his fighters on Goldenboy shows make them stars?

Haye vs Audley probably got 10x the number of buys as the Magnificent 7.
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