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Default Re: The "Whine About Mayweather/Pacquiao" Express!!!!!!


Article Link -http://www.***********.com/?m=show&opt=printable&id=50650#ixzz2Aywoetwm This is a legal waiver. By copying and using the material from this article, you agree to give full credit to ***********.com or provide a link to the original article. N

othing has been left to chance for the rematch, as all parties are able to enter May 19 with peace of mind. Both camps have agreed to Olympic-style drug testing, which will include random blood and urine samples drawn throughout their respective training camps leading all the way to fight night. More important – at least to Khan – is the neutrality provided by the chosen venue and the presiding commission. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is viewed as the standard bearer, leaving Khan with the belief that whether or not he regains his titles will be based entirely on what takes place in the ring, rather than having to stress over politics and outside infuences.
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