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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs. Wlad Klitschko.

I think Lewis is the more complete boxer because he could box as well as fight, whereas Wlad can only box (albeit, probably better than Lewis). In 2004, Lewis was pretty old and not as motivated anymore. Even though Wlad's career in 2004 was in bad shape as well, he was still one of the best offensive machines I've ever seen. His footwork, defense and jab and right hand are much better than his bigger brother. I don't think he could take the shots that Vitali had to ship, but he may not have had to, either.

I'm also not sure whether Lewis would still be standing if he took the right hand at 1:50 of round 2 from Wlad instead of Vitali. Watch it at 4:41 into the video:

Prime for prime I'd pick Lewis because he's more versatile and takes a better punch. In 2004, I'd slightly favor Wlad.
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