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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs. Wlad Klitschko.

Originally Posted by Ovid***ile View Post
Lewis was losing pretty badly on the score cards when they stopped the Vitali fight on cuts. Wladimir was always the better boxer and harder hitter of the two bros. Considering Wladimir is 11 years younger and just entering his prime around then whereas Lewis is 38 already, I think there's only one way for this to go. Lewis gets lit up.

What you guys fail to consider is that Lewis has two embarrassing knockouts on his record as well. Their chins are about the same.
Thoughtless comment. Watch the shots Lewis has taken against Briggs, Mercer, Rahman before the KO, and Vitali. Lewis's chin was very decent. The guys who knocked Lewis out could REALLY punch; Rahman and McCall packed some real power; big hitters stop people. Big deal. Against Mercer Lewis took multiple HUGE shots and kept coming back for more in an absolute battle of Napoleonic proportions. Wlad has NEVER been able to do this - he gets hit hard, he gets hurt, he goes down. He doesn't have a bad chin - the guys who have stopped him have been big punchers too. He does not have as good a chin as Lewis though.

Lewis's chin was decent, Wlad's is average. The problem for Wlad in this match up is that I think Lewis would make it a war after Wlad was outboxing him. Lewis can fight a war because he was fighter and a dog when he needed to be. Wlad is not capable of this. He gets brutally KO'd after building up a respectable lead on the cards.
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