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Originally Posted by MMAxOwen View Post
Hi Guys,

I need some help with my lead hook. I have set up a camera and I have filmed my lead hook. I am 100% happy with the technique. I pivot my feet correctly, I rotate my hips 90 degrees, I drive hard toward my target with my hips then I uncork my shoulders with my left arm bent at 90 degrees and deliver my shot with my first 2 knuckles. I have look at it over and over again and it looks and feels 100% correct.

What I need help with though is that I still generate more power with an arm punch, not using my body, with my lag hook. My lag hook has a great "snap" to it and when I throw it on a heavy bag or on mitts you can hear and see the power but nothing close to it on my lead hook. Furthermore, when I throw my lead hook I experience pain in my first 2 knuckles, elbow and anterior deltoid.

Please can anyone give me their opinion on what I may be doing wrong and what I can do to increase power on the hook.

Thanks guys

Hit with the whole fist, and take the angle with your torso harder.

If that doesn't help at all, throw it tighter and shorter. If that doesn't help, you have a fragile left fist, and should disinclude the lead hook from your offense.
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