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Default Simple boxing power training.

1 arm Dumbbell Power Snatch 3x5 reps each arm

1 arm Dumbbell Power Clean and Press 3x5 reps each arm

1 arm Dumbbell Power Swing 3x5 reps each arm

1 arm Dumbbell Power Row 3x5 reps each arm

1.5 - 2 minutes rest each set, both arms one set or one arm at a time is up to you.

For dumbbell power snatch don't extend your arm all the way up, but drive your elbow up first then extend the arm overhead.

For dumbbell power row try to bring the dumbbell closer to the body by holding the dumbbell 45 degree, not horizontally or vertically when u drive it up. Remember its not regular dumbbell row you need to drive your back up too.

For dumbbell power snatch and clean press, when you catch the weight squat down more, like regularly when you do your squats, to work your legs more.

Do all these exercises explosively, remember to breathe out when you drive it up. 2 times a week is good enough for boxers as usually we train 5 days a week, i believe we can have an hour on that two off days to do it.

Stretch before and after exercises but don't do cardio or other weights before all these, as you need to be fresh for these exercises.

Good luck~
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