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Default Re: sonny bill $3, francois botha $1.40

Bull**** its a rare occurance, I made more cash out of routines like this and others in my mid to late 20's than in my best paying 'real' job over about 5-6 years. Some people just need to be literally taken right to the water edge before they recognise the river, I was laughing fit to break a rib when some bloke told me betting doesn't 'work like that'. Waht am I, guessing???

Evolution at work I'm afraid.

Anyway, it was easier to do in the sp days, so long as you had the right numbers on account- but then you had to be very careful, as some of the controllers of those operations didn't think twice about planting people. Now its legalised its a different world...but it does take the 'edgy' fun aspect out of it. But yes I was taught and practiced this and other much more intricate routines to great gain many times....but in the long, was making a lot of easy cash worth it...? Well, that's a deeper more metaphysical question that every man has to confront at some point in their own life, I made and lost alot of money before I gained something much more valauble, but thats a test for each man in his own time- usually once they've reached some real maturity. I only talk about routines as I did now to amuse myself, I've lived my life and do enjoy watching people approach the same hurdles..

I am digressing...hmmmm, on the betting, I've only mentioned the basic principal, only because this its a boxing forum, and this is just literally learning to how to count when compared to the ways and whiles we used to do back in the day. But you have to have guidance, get this worng and you end up broke, or in serious debt, or much worse. If your'e not be guided, forget about it, it doesn't matter who you know or how tough you are....I know the scene is less dangerous today than in the 70's-80's, but sharks are always sharks, and if I told you the things that happened to bad debtors that I knew, you'd say i was making it up.
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