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Originally Posted by ALTogethernow View Post
You are deluded!

Mundine made $600k in his debut, Geale STILL has not earned that ammount!

Mundine is WAY more bankable than Geale, and any Geale sack licker that pretends otherwise is seriously misguided.
Belts do not guarantee money, and not all boxers get these massive pay days you think.
Most GOOD boxers eek out solid $50k pays, with the odd 100K pay. Even some great world champs get $300k odd a fight.

Here is a good one for you , how much do you think Kats earnt agains JMM? Two massive name fighters on the international scene? Both world ranked?... You lot probably think he earnt a cool 2 million?

.... He earnt $250k for that fight.

FACT is that love him or hate him, even though waning the Mundine brand sells and is known, he always will be worth more than Geale
u r the deluded one.

u probably think mundine is in his prime and think he beats mayweather, lol.

if u pull your head out of your **** u will know that mundine has had very few viewers in recent times and cannot make $10 fighting o'seas either. he has basically no options to make good cash other than fighting geale or green again.

geale can make more even if it is o'seas. money is money, wherever u r when u earn it.
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