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Default Re: The Real Deal stripped of WBA "super" title - Official

Good article from Scott Christ on the situation....I like Scott. Doesn't pull any punches. See below.

"Daniel Geale is predictably outraged, and rightly so, by the WBA's ludicrous decision to strip him of his middleweight title belt, and has lashed out at the sanctioning body, which never even sent him the title belt he won in September from Felix Sturm.

Geale is taking basically the same stance anyone with a brain would, that he's being very clearly screwed by the organization. After years of not forcing favored son Sturm to face a mandatory challenger, the WBA has chosen to blame Geale for not facing Gennady Golovkin immediately after winning his title, instead opting for a bigger money bout in Australia with Anthony Mundine in January.

"What Felix Sturm did by not defending against the mandatory had nothing to do with me,'' Geale said. "But they gave me half the time frame they usually give for a mandatory defence. I have no problem fighting Golovkin, but if I did it would mean going to the US and fighting on a small card with **** money for a title fight.

"The Mundine fight is much more viable, it helps my profile massively and is a better money fight, and opens doors in the US. If I had taken the mandatory with the WBA, then I'm quite sure the IBF would have stripped me so I was in a no-win situation."

This is an obvious case of typical boxing political nonsense, nothing at all to do with fairness or sport, and everything to do with bureaucratic, money-grubbing B.S.

There's really not much more to say about it than that. Geale is mad, and he should be. He's calling them out for what is a completely transparent and bogus decision, and it's good that he is. I'm not even saying Geale-Mundine II is some great fight, and I don't agree with him that it opens any doors in the U.S., because it doesn't -- Mundine is nobody here, and the fight is about making money at home, and getting revenge for Geale's only career loss. And that's fine. But it's impossible to disagree with the idea that he's being shafted by boxing's usual ****. It's exactly what has happened.

Maybe next, Golovkin can be offered a terrible deal to face Sturm, one so bad that he'll turn it down, and Sturm can face Julien Marie Sainte for the vacant title."
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