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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

Part 2.


He said he wanted Jones and his team made an offer. If he didn't make an offer, you would have a point, but they did.

By your points then very few fighters have called anyone out

Said he wanted to fight Jones or more than one link.

You see Loudon, I have you clutching at straws and trying to knit pick as the evidence weighs against you
I've answered these points about ten times now.

Links with dates of 2000, 2001 and 2002 and notes of offers and calling Jones out and you say its just talk
In 1999, he turned down the opportunity to go to America. He wasn't interested in Roy. He said he wasn't chasing him! THAT IS A FACT!

In 2000, Frank said, he MAY get an opportunity next year because Roy's contract with HBO has expired. Roy then re-signed shortly after.

In 2001, he mentioned Roy's name, and then he continued to fight at 168 in Britain.

In 2002, talks were held, but Roy dismissed him for Ruiz.

You're asking me if I'm thick? Ha! He mentioned his capabilities and said he'd want the crown jewels! He wasn't talking about 150! He was referring to a lot of money. If you don't want to believe it, that's fine!

Did the American fans know O Grant? C Woods, G Kelly, R Frazier?
How stupid are you? Really?

The circumstances were DIFFERENT!!

They didn't need to chase Roy, or to make an impression on the American public. Two of them were mandatories.

Joe wasn't a mandatory, because he fought in a different weight class. Therefore, he had to do things that guys like Clinton didn't.


Grant left his division for the one fight, like Joe agreed to do.
How much did Grant get? Zod says $300,000

Stop pretending that Joe would have fought for that amount.


You sound like you think Grant went on a mad LHW campaign. He didnt, so you saying he made Jones a cake or whatever is another dose of selfpwning on your part because Grant didnt do anything Calzaghe said he wasnt willing to do
He did, I'll see if Zod has any links. Grant was a master baker, and he said "Let me fight you, and I'll bake you the most amazing cake you've ever seen, and I'll bake one for your dogs too."

Completely different weight divisions. Calzaghe was known also, you just like to say he wasnt
Different weight divisions, but Bradley was well known. Again, Joe wasn't well known to American fight fans.

Media called for that fight. Castillo was after Hatton because he couldnt make weight, got made a top 3 fighter by the ring, was put on the Hatton undercard.
You think Ricky didn't want the fight with Castillo?


How did Hatton mock Floyd? He answered a question and no more, so show me this mocking. They were different weight divisions.

Did Hatton call out Floyd after he fought Castillo? No, he answered a question

the commentator asked about Floyd and Hatton barely said anything other than the comment about more action in 4 rounds. Didnt mock Floyd, didnt say he wanted the fight and said little and that he would leave it at that.

You show me where he was mocking Floyd .

Watch from 3:27 for your further selfpwnage

What the hell are you talking about?

"I think you've seen more action and value for money, in those four rounds, than what you've seen in Floyd's whole career!"

Ha! The crowd went mad when he said it! He knew exactly what he was saying!

Why are you trying to argue against me?

Floyd was outraged! He phoned up Leonard Ellerbe and went mad!

Stop being an idiot!

This is you speculating again Loudon. Where is the link and proof of that?
This is common knowledge. I've read it many times, and it was in Boxing Monthly just prior to their fight. How many fights did Ricky have at 147? People were asking the question afterwards, would the outcome have been different at 140? He knew Floyd wouldn't fight at 140. He made the sacrifice to make the fight. When you want a shot at the best fighter in the world, you have to give in to certain demands. It was fight Floyd at 147, or not at all. He took the risk for his dream fight! Floyd had recently fought Oscar at 154, so there was no way he was going down to 140 for Ricky.

Explain Loudon for the 100th time
In 1999, Joe wasn't interested.

In 2000, Frank says, Joe should now be looking to fight Roy.

In 2001, he hoped to go on and fight Roy.

We all know what he did after McIntyre. NOTHING!


Why would he drop a world title for a fight that may not happen? If the fight was agreed fine. But Jones changed his mind. Why lose money for a whim?
I've explained this a million times!

If he gave up his belt, etc, etc, he MAY have had an opportunity to fight Roy for good money.


By 05 I doubt Calzaghe was worried about Hopkins or Jones as much as he had Lacy and Kessler around making noise
At the end of 05, Roy was considered done. He'd gone 0-3 and was approaching 36.

Depends who you ask.
Ask whoever you want. I've asked Mind Reader for his opinion.

Calzaghe fighting in front of American television cameras once again, certainly impressed more than he had last time he was stretched to points, in a stinker against David Starie in January 2000.
He also had a stinker against Rick Thornberry before this fight.

So he'd given two bad performances, and then he beat Will McIntyre.


You best show this major mockery. I have put up the link and the time for you
I've shown it you fool! You're trying to argue, when Floyd took the bait, and told Leonard Ellerbe to make the fight. Ha! How can you argue against a FACT!?


What the fight where he held all night against 18 fight Urango or where many felt he lost to Collazo.
The U.S. fans warmed to his brawling style, and he came across well in interviews. He also brought a big army of fans with him, and people were interested in seeing him fight.


Dont know. I would say because of the crowd he had, he could get the fights, because he had a following, where ever the fights would have been.

It took him 44 fights to get Mayweather and Calzaghe 45 to get Hopkins

Took Hatton 47 fights to get Pac and Calzaghe 46 to get Jones, so cant see much difference in that
There's a huge difference!

Hatton fought peak versions of Floyd and Manny.

Hop was 43, and Roy was almost 40, and had been dismissed as a threat, on three seperate occasions by Joe.

Also, Ricky was 29 and 30, and Joe was 36.

Massive difference!


Calzaghe didnt want that one. That was for you boys. To lure Hopkins and it must have worked, beating the Ring #10 SMW before beating the Ring #1
No Joe didn't want it, but Frank made him! Manfredo was known from The Contender, and Frank did it to gain more U.S. exposure. If he'd have gone to the States earlier, he wouldn't have needed to have fought a meaningless fight like that at 35!

then you also know Calzaghe was a big draw. How many went to see him fight Manfredo? More than Jones and Hopkins pulled in any of their big fights put together
Yes he was a draw at HOME!

So what? Joe was very popular at home, especially after Lacy.

Joe fought in bigger venues for his big fights, but Roy fought to a bigger audience globally.

Roy had his big fights in Vegas, in front of around 17,000 fans.

Joe fought at the Millenium stadium in front of 50,000.

The size of the venue is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

In the same year that Joe fought Kessler in front of 50,000, Oscar fought Floyd in front of around 16-17,000.

That was the biggest grossing fight of all time.

Joe's fight with Kessler, wouldn't have been a huge event outside of Europe.

Now Loudon lets work on facts we know
Ha! Nobody ignores more facts than you!

Calzaghe agreed to go to America if the fights with Hopkins or Jones could be made, so why deny this?
Joe didn't want anything to do with Roy, when Roy was peak. But when Roy was 40 and washed up, he was happy to get on that plane, and take the fight.

What a guy!

Regards, Loudon.

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