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Default Re: Dana White: Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva Will 'Absolutely' Happen

He lost to Jake Shields, so what? yeah it was probably a bad loss for him but what's the big deal really? Hendo has had an amazing career, he has wins over legends of the sport, a title in PRIDE etc.

Your one of the type of posters I can't physically stand, your like the guys in the boxing forum who will call a guy "glass jawed" if hes been dropped once in 40 fights, Hendo's had an amazing career and your trying to downgrade it because of an off night against Jake Shields.

Hendo is an MMA Legend, at 185 lbs and 205 lbs, and Anderson's win over him is as credible as they come.

Stop being a ***** and give Anderson (and Hendo) some credit.
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