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Default Re: The ATG fighter's didnt need no stinkin' Strength and conditioners

Honestly, Chavez probably did have a S&C coach. I dont see very many pro fighters (MMA or Boxing) making it too far without a S&C coach or a coach that has solid S&C knowledge.

A pro fighter without a good S&C program would be like a pro basketball team from the 60's that practiced little to no S&C going up against a pro basketball team from today.

Its not that the teams back then werent as athletic and didnt stay in great shape. Its just that today they have S&C so fine tuned it makes what they did back then look ridiculous. Not only that they have S&C fine tuned to specific sports so a fighters S&C program isnt exacty the same as a basketball players or football players S&C program.

Alot of people say the S&C they have today overtrains people. Its actually the opposite, back in the day the attitude was the more you work the more you gain and the way the worked back then caused way more overtraining than the way we do today.
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