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Default Sucker for the Overhand Right

Had my first "war" while sparring today. The kid's fairly new at the gym. Last time I sparred him a few months back I was able to easily slip/block his punches, and I accidentally gave him a bloody nose halfway through the first round and he quit. I haven't seen him around at the gym much since then, but he came today and the coach told us to spar. He wasn't scared/timid like he was in our last session, and dude came at me with a vengeance right off the bat. He's always had a tendency to go a little too hard while sparring, but today was different. Maybe he was trying to get me back for last time. I don't know. He kept coming forward and throwing haymakers and using his height/weight advantage to try and push me around the ring and rough me up. I'd say he outweighs me by 20-30 pounds by how he looks. Once I started going to the body, his pace slowed down considerably, and I stunned him quite a few times with some hard hooks upstairs. The coach even told him the first time I rocked him that the only reason I'm hitting hard is cuz he's hitting hard. After that I went light on him, but dude started throwing with all his power again. Then I was like f it.

Skill-wise I'm better than him, only cuz I've been training longer than he has, but he was able to land a lot of hard jabs and overhand rights on me, pretty much at will. The jabs I'll credit to his height/reach advantage, so I'm not surprised there. I wasn't really thinking about defense at the time either. But I should've been able to avoid his overhand right. A few times I even knew he was getting ready to throw it, but I still got hit by it. Or even if I blocked it, the force was strong enough to do some damage. Just didn't know what to do I guess.
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