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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
Ha! I'm always on her i phone when we're out. It drives her mad!

I took her to Statford upon Avon in the summer, and we were sat at the side of the river in the sun, and I asked her for the phone, and she wasn't happy! Ha!
Sorry for the late reply mate, it's been a busy week to say the least!

I got an iphone myself a couple of months ago, and now any bus or train journey, I end up on this site! If I'm at the pub and I'm bored I find myself flicking onto ESB!

You're right, it is all hypothetical. But Joe also annoyed Glen by pulling out with a bad back. When Frank tried to get the fight back on track, Glen demanded money up front I believe.
Yeah I agree, Joe was injury prone and I fully understand Glen's frustration. I think Frank paid Glen 100'000 for a fight that never even happened!

Over the years I've read a few articles, that stated he had to come down from 14 stone, and it got harder and harder. In 2001, he was looking to move up but didn't. In 2004, Barry McGuigan stated that in his opinion, he had to move up, and Joe said the same thing himself, the same year.

True, but he was still strong at SMW until 2008. Though I would have liked to see him fight Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver in 2004

I've just read recently, that Joe in 2004, was upset that Tarver and Johnson knocked Roy out. He was frustrated that he hadn't got the the opportunity to beat him, but then admits, that both of them wouldn't have beaten Roy, when he was at his best.
He's probably right. Roy was still a top fighter between 2003-2004, but not as dynamic as he once was

You may be right, but I'm certain I heard him say it on a radio interview, but I can't find anything. I think later on, when they had their war of words in 2006, and in 2008, Joe said he'd done nothing apart from a shot version of Roy.
I think the quote you have in mind is from 2006. When Tarver mentioned fighting Joe in 2004, Joe was respectful of Tarver's abilities and seemed to welcome the possibility of facing him

Calzaghe has targeted a move to the higher division in 2004 and a 'superfight' with Tarver.

"Calzaghe's promoter called and I would be happy to take that fight if Calzaghe is ready to make his debut in America," Tarver told the Boxing Talk website.

"Soon you may be seeing Tarver against Calzaghe - it's Showtime baby!"
To which Joe responded with

"After that I want to fight Antonio Tarver, who gave Roy Jones Jr such a hard time.

"He's rated the No 1 light-heavy in the US, and I'm willing to go to his own backyard to beat the guy.

"If I do that, hopefully I'll get my recognition across the Atlantic."

Then Roy agreed to rematch Tarver instead, and the rest is history

You might be right, but I just wish that Joe had've been in the divison then, and everyone had have known how good he was. Then there would have been a big call for the fight.
I think Joe was scheduled to fight Gonzalez for his WBO LHW title, and then that fell through when Gonzalez lost to Erdei

I didn't know that Joe was looking to fight Glen, before he beat Roy?

It was in one of bailey's links

BBC Tuesday, 8 June, 2004

But Johnson is adamant Calzaghe has lost his chance, saying: "The fight is off. I'm not interested in fighting Joe Calzaghe any more.Johnson refused to wait for the fight to be rescheduled on 04.

We've been through this a lot, but in my opinion, it became impossible for Roy to unify at 168, so he moved to 175.

The men who mattered at 175, were the other belt holders, after he'd beaten Mike McCallum. He beat both of them, but couldn't get the DM fight. He then fought Harding, Gonzalez, Woods and Tarver. So apart from beating DM, he fought everyone who was relevant.
I see where you're coming from, I've criticised Jones' LHW reign in the past, but he recorded good wins in the division. Was never truly beaten during his peak

I can agree with that. But at the same time, because he couldn't get those fights that you've mentioned, I think he should have moved upto 175. Hopkins was a 160 fighter. There was no point in him staying at 168 when he couldn't fight Ottke.

Why should he have moved up to 175? That meant giving up his SMW world title, in pursuit of fights that were at best distinct possibilities.

The problem is, if Joe moved up, then we'd be having this same discussion, and people would be saying Joe ran away from SMW to avoid Jeff Lacy who was knocking everyone out. It's lose lose either way really

Zod provides great links, and forms his own opinion based on factual information. Skittlez is a hater!
zod's a joker! The guy has literally wasted hours and hours of his life on google reading and writing about Calzaghe, a fighter he isn't a fan of tragic!

No. There's always circumstances involved. But again, Joe could have done so much more with his career. So could Roy, but Joe was too good to stay at 168 til 2008.
Fair point
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