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Default Re: Pros/Cons of this Push-up Routine

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
Okay. That at least gives me some more insight without being condescending. I agree that training should be goal oriented. As I said before, my goal was never to do a lot of push-ups just for the sake of doing a lot of push-ups. I just kept upping the reps over time because they were getting easier to do and I needed a way to make it more challenging. That's also why I threw in a bunch of different variations that are harder for me to do. And I thought the explosive nature of some of the push-up styles would help with explosiveness and/or speed and/or strength.

So the routine I posted won't help AT ALL with any of this? Wouldn't most of the push-up variations I posted be considered plyometric push-ups, which are supposed to help build explosiveness, speed, and strength? That's the part I'm still confused about. What specifically is it about the routine that would only help in doing a lot of push-ups and nothing else? I'm not trying to be a defensive ****. I'm genuinely interested in knowing why it won't help in the areas I mentioned above and what I can do differently.

So to sum everything up and put it more simply, I'm limited to bodyweight exercises, a medicine ball, and light DBs but would like a way to work out my chest to increase strength, and increased speed/explosiveness would be nice too. Any suggestions?
One armed push ups? Its in the S&C for boxing sticky
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