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Default Holman Williams vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez: Greater Fighter

These two have been ****ing me off for a while now. I don't know where to rank them, exactly. That being the case, and with both men having campaigned from Welter to Middle and each being, perhaps unfairly so, a bit in the shadow of one of their respective rivals, I thought they'd make for a nice comparison. I only know the basic info on each of them. Little more than what Boxrec can tell me. Only seen a few of LMR's battles and just the same 19 seconds of Holman that anyone else has. I'd like to get the thoughts of those who have much more detailed knowledge on the career of either man (or both. Both would be better). do that.

A brief rundown of their stupid impressive resumes for a quick glance (Official results only. I haven't gotten around to watching any of the Griffith bouts yet, but I know they're all close and rather controversial. Thoughts on those from the ones who have seen them would be appreciated as well).

Williams: 146-30-11 36 KO's -
Charley Burley 2x, Archie Moore, Lloyd Marshall 2x, Eddie Booker, Cocoa Kid 3x, Jack Chase 4x, Bert Lytell, Aaron Wade, Izzy Jannazzo, Steve Belloise, Kid Tunero 3x, Jose Basora 2x, Tommy Paul, Joe Carter 3x, Bob Satterfield, etc.

Rodriguez: 107-13 49 KO's -
Emile Griffith, Curtis Cokes, George Benton, Benny Paret 2x, Yama Bahama 2x, Chico Vejar, Rubin Carter 2x, Holly Mims, Joey Giambra, Isaac Logart, Virgil Akins 2x, Bennie Briscoe 2x, LC Morgan, Denny Moyer, Tony Mundine, etc.

Discuss and argue and berate.

(You can match them H2H too, if you want. Whatever)
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