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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
Zod, you're boring!

From the disingenuous and tedious nature of your posts, you're obviously not interested in any sort of objective discussion. You clearly have an agenda against Calzaghe, and no-one or nothing can convince you otherwise. It's sad that you're willing to invest so much of your own personal time trying to discredit someone you've never met to anonymous people over the internet , but it's your time not mine

Hence, I'm not going to waste any more time with you, we'll agree to disagree
Thats your response? Sad. You type more words into this fourm than he does and you confronted him with aruements. Prove anything he posted was a lie? Most of his posts are just links with a little comment to make it easier for you to comprehend. You obviously have no more avenues to continue debating so with so you bottle out with that? Do yourself a favour and climb out from beneath the bottom of the barrel some day.
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