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Default Re: Holman Williams vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez: Greater Fighter

Alright, Flea, my man.

Originally posted by Flea Man
Rodriguez looked ace against Mims, and took the fight on what, 9 days notice? He was pretty f'n old school himself. He also looked brilliant against Olympic gold medalist Wilbur McClure, a tall undefeated middleweight brought up the hard way that Rodriguez nigh on sparked in their first fight (and won both IMO) cut up Bahama very quick, got the better of the series with Griffith IMO. Stopped Mundine quicker than Monzon (no footage sadly)
I've seen the 2nd McClure fight. Wasn't aware of his pedigree though. That's two more solid wins. You think the Griffith losses could have gone either way or were straight robberies? Basically, do you think he showed himself to clearly be the better man or was it just kind of a, 'depends on what you like,' sort of thing? Plan on watching them some time next week.

This of course, it's why it's easier to plump for LMR. Footage. I'd likely find Williams equally spellbinding if I saw him spotting weight to top quality middleweight contenders and making them look, at times, foolish. I'm mesmerised by Lytell, Chase and especially Eddie Booker so I'm sure of feel more comfortable ranking these guys in the 20-30, 60-70, 90-100 brackets if I'd seen 'em, but as it stands there's all sorts of guys that got the better of other Murderers Row members, so it's really hard to discern which one of them should be ranked higher in some cases.

Both should be in the top 50 fighters of all time. I rank Rodriguez higher, but as I say I find it hard not to having also grown fond of his skill and attributes watching quite a bit of him where he looks ****ing brilliant. Rodriguez shouldn't be far off Gavilan, Napoles, Griffith and Williams shouldn't be far off Burley either IMO.
Aye, Rodriguez looks brilliant in the bits I've seen.

I definitely feel that he's practically right there with the other great Cuban welters. We'll see who ranks higher between he and Griffith after I've seen the fights. For some reason I've always had Burley at least 20 or so spots ahead of Williams. Looking more closely at things, that's a bit hard to justify. Still don't know what to make of the series with Cocoa Kid though.

It could go either way. I can see why Williams might even be considered far superior given the fact he fought in the golden age and Rodriguez's middleweight era doesn't always receive the acclaim that ,IMO, it should. But I think anything other than a close call here is unfair. Both are greats of a very high calibre indeed.
Agreed. Holman's got a crazy list of names defeated, but this is - as one might say - painfully close.
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