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Default Re: Pros/Cons of this Push-up Routine

Hey Brian, the pros of your push up routine is that you will get gains in size and definition in your chest and arms. When you first start any new work out you will see gains until your body adapts to that workout then your gains will slow down dramatically. So a con with a push up routine is it is kind of boring and there are some limits as compared to if you had some wieghts. That being said there are so many variations of push ups to mix it up with so you should be good for a while (and if your just wanting to condition your upper body push ups wil lalways be good).

Another pro of your routine is conditioning your upper body. No matter what it will keep your upper body conditioned.

There is really not too many cons of a push up routine, unless your main goal is putting on all kinds of muslce mass.
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