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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Hopkins pulled out because of the terms of the offer not because he was avoiding Calzaghe
Wrong. Hopkins got the terms he wanted.
He wanted the fight in America, he was given that.
He wanted to be able to win a SMW title, he was given that.
He agreed to 3mil for the fight and was given that.
Then the next day decided he wanted 6mil (the crown jewels I would say) or no fight. Double the amount.
Hopkins then fought his next defence for less than 1.5 mil, less than half of what he was originally offered to face Calzaghe.

If that had of been Calzaghe, you would have called that a duck. Just tell me you wouldnt
HBO wanted that fight

Interesting you say that, as Loudon cannot grasp that HBO wanted Hatton/Mayweather rather than Hatton chasing it.
Jones offered Hopkins the fight at a 60/40 split and Hopkins wanted 50/50 even though he wasnt the attraction and had lost to Jones
1: Bradley was always planning to move up which is why he fought Abregu at ww
A while back as a one off and was back at LWW, he wasnt campaigning at WW, so lets not try and rewrite the truth again Zod
2: Pacquiao fights in America
I know he does most of the time, but Bradley wasnt calling him out
Calzaghe was basically unknown in America until he fought Lacy back in 06
It should be pointed out that even then American fans never warmed to him
How would you know from Leeds ? I cant wait for this answer
Calzaghe was known in America and had been on TV over there.
I recall how after beating Brewer, the Ring mag said about how they had taken to him after an exciting fight where he toughed it out.
He may not have been warmed to, but he was known as a champ and a good fighter.
Remember Lacy viewed him as a massive test
****** never made one offer to Jones.

You even made a thread where he did
In order for him to do that he would of needed the green light from HBO. Show me one article where a member of HBo says that talks are in place or any offers have been made
Calzaghe was with Showtime. why would I have HBO details? Frank spoke to Jones people as documented and shown in the links.
Read it for yourself
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