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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?


Sorry for the late reply mate, it's been a busy week to say the least!
Don't ever worry about that mate. You can reply 2 or 3 weeks later if need be.

I got an iphone myself a couple of months ago, and now any bus or train journey, I end up on this site! If I'm at the pub and I'm bored I find myself flicking onto ESB!
Haha! I'm the same, but I haven't got an iphone, so I'm always pinching my girlfriends, and her ipad too. Sometimes I come straight in the house, and just pick either one of them up straight away ha! I love this forum. Bailey's been working me hard this week though. I think I deserve to get paid for debating with him.

Yeah I agree, Joe was injury prone and I fully understand Glen's frustration. I think Frank paid Glen 100'000 for a fight that never even happened!
Yes it's a real shame that fight didn't come off. That would have been a great fight.

True, but he was still strong at SMW until 2008. Though I would have liked to see him fight Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver in 2004
Again, both of those fights would have been great!

He's probably right. Roy was still a top fighter between 2003-2004, but not as dynamic as he once was
Yes, you would have to assume that Joe would have beaten the versions of Roy that they beat.

I think the quote you have in mind is from 2006. When Tarver mentioned fighting Joe in 2004, Joe was respectful of Tarver's abilities and seemed to welcome the possibility of facing him
Possibly, but I definitely remember hearing it, rather than reading it. But it was a while ago.

To which Joe responded with

Then Roy agreed to rematch Tarver instead, and the rest is history
Yes, fair enough.

I think Joe was scheduled to fight Gonzalez for his WBO LHW title, and then that fell through when Gonzalez lost to Erdei
I'm not sure about that. I've read Zod's links earlier, and apparently he could have been mandatory to Gonzalez, had he moved up. Did Joe contemplate doing so, while Gonzalez was preparing for Erdei? Or was he not at all interested?

Why should he have moved up to 175? That meant giving up his SMW world title, in pursuit of fights that were at best distinct possibilities.
That's a fair point, and we've discussed it before. But the difference is,

If he'd have moved up, as you say, it was only a possibility.

But if he didn't, he literally had no chance of getting the fight.

So he was in a dilemma, and I respect that, but just how bad did he want Roy?

I honestly believe, that had he gone up when he had the opportunity in 1999, and put in Lacy type performances, they may have been a big demand for a fight between him and Roy.

At the end of the day, a possibility is better than nothing at all. Yes he could have moved up, and impressed, and at the end, he still may not have gotten the fight. I can appreciate that.

But he killed the chance altogether by remaining at 168.

If you want something bad enough, you have to take risks.

I can understand that Joe wanted to eventually unify at 168.

But he needed to make a choice.

Go all out for Roy, or forget about him and move on. He couldn't do both.

Roy was the unified 175 champ, and he had to give up his titles to move up for Ruiz, and to try and get Mike in the ring.

After Ruiz, he had to fight an extremely motivated Tarver, to try and win them back.

But again, I respect the tough position that Joe found himself in. But I think he should have gambled. In my honest opinion, he'd have won the 175 belt at some point down the line, before he retired. I honestly think that Joe moving up and winning a 175 title, would have been a bigger achievement than unifying against Kessler.

The problem is, if Joe moved up, then we'd be having this same discussion, and people would be saying Joe ran away from SMW to avoid Jeff Lacy who was knocking everyone out. It's lose lose either way really
I respect that, but as mentioned above, I'm talking about him moving up 99/2000 when he was about 28.

zod's a joker! The guy has literally wasted hours and hours of his life on google reading and writing about Calzaghe, a fighter he isn't a fan of tragic!
I love reading the debates between you two. Your relationship with him, is like mine with Bailey.

I've never met anyone more argumentative ha!

It's all good fun though!
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