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Default Re: Holman Williams vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez: Greater Fighter

Originally posted by Flea Man
Well I'll get the first one on the tube for ya' shortly then.

All competitive. It's been a while but you can score at least two of 'em for Griffith (but I didn't) although admittedly I only have select rounds of their second fight. But looking at the ebb and flow of the series I'd say it's just more a case of Rodriguez coming off as the better of the two, and not in a good styles clash sorta' way, this is a top-notch Griffith.

What about LMR and The Cuban Hawk's respective middleweight ledgers?
Was just generalizing by referring to them as Welters. All told, ranking them P4P, I'd probably have the three of them within 12 spaces of each other and inside the top 40:


For now, anyway. Taking a series with a peak Griffith is high level stuff.
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