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Default Re: Sucker for the Overhand Right

Originally Posted by Brand NOOBian View Post
Had my first "war" while sparring today. The kid's fairly new at the gym. Last time I sparred him a few months back I was able to easily slip/block his punches, and I accidentally gave him a bloody nose halfway through the first round and he quit. I haven't seen him around at the gym much since then, but he came today and the coach told us to spar. He wasn't scared/timid like he was in our last session, and dude came at me with a vengeance right off the bat. He's always had a tendency to go a little too hard while sparring, but today was different. Maybe he was trying to get me back for last time. I don't know. He kept coming forward and throwing haymakers and using his height/weight advantage to try and push me around the ring and rough me up. I'd say he outweighs me by 20-30 pounds by how he looks. Once I started going to the body, his pace slowed down considerably, and I stunned him quite a few times with some hard hooks upstairs. The coach even told him the first time I rocked him that the only reason I'm hitting hard is cuz he's hitting hard. After that I went light on him, but dude started throwing with all his power again. Then I was like f it.

Skill-wise I'm better than him, only cuz I've been training longer than he has, but he was able to land a lot of hard jabs and overhand rights on me, pretty much at will. The jabs I'll credit to his height/reach advantage, so I'm not surprised there. I wasn't really thinking about defense at the time either. But I should've been able to avoid his overhand right. A few times I even knew he was getting ready to throw it, but I still got hit by it. Or even if I blocked it, the force was strong enough to do some damage. Just didn't know what to do I guess.
It sounds like you have some good competitive sparring there with this lad. He's given you plenty to think about and it doesn't seem as if you have any complaints.

Good post from greynotsoold - I would guess he's not far of the mark there.

One other common fault I often see beginners do which results in them getting caught with the right hand is when they block a jab, they tend to rotate their rear shoulder forward which squares them up and they get hit by the right hand behind the jab.

You may be doing this?
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