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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Bailey are you claiming Hatton didn't want a Mayweather fight? A fight everybody above and bellow welter strives for. Thats just crazy. You must of forgot Hatton was 100% self convinced he could beat Floyd. Why would he not want an opportunity to beat Floyd and earn the most money of his career?

And you would have to be in complete denial or just stupid to think the crown jewels wasn't a metaphor for a large sum of money.
Is Pacquiao striing for it?
Hatton didnt call Floyd out. that was the point and he made a comment about action and said he will leave it at that. I brought up the fight evebn and showed it wasnt Hatton that called out Mayweather but the commentator. That was the point. I suggest you stop jumping in between conversations when you dont know what has been said and getting involved in things you dont know.
Run along kid, before you get your usual spanking

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
What a load of ****. Joe said this Joe said that. He didn't face them till 2008. The proof of the pudding is written in the history books.
True, with the links it shows how they avoided him until they couldnt any longer
Originally Posted by Loudon View Post
What can anybody say about this?

There is literally no argument than can be made, against what you've posted.

Joe trying to backtrack on what he'd originally said about Roy, was cringeworthy.

"He's back! He's had three great wins!" I don't know how he said it with a straight face.


Regards, Loudon.
Jones had just handled tito easily, carrying him to the end. The same Tito that many call Hopkins big win
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