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Default Re: If YOU were Joe Calzaghe, would you come out of retirement to fight Andre Ward?


Jones was 39, Calzaghe 36. Hardly a massive difference in age.
Jones was back adjusted at LHW.
The Green fight was at CW and nothing to do with LHW. Also do you not recall that there was a glove query where Jones was looking to take action. Do you not recall Greens 1st round KO of Briggs with a jab after Briggs had given Adamek 2 tough close fights.
After that loss Jones fought Hopkins who became LHW champ again and put Hopkins down, where Hopkins couldnt beat the count, only for him to say the punch was on the back of the head and be given time.
Lets not forget that between the Calzaghe and Green fight, Jones looked very good in beating Lacy and getting rid of Sheika in 5 one sided rounds, the same Sheika who later fought world rated Diaconu and gave him a tough points fight. Explain . Yet Jones beat him easy
He was 9 weeks from being 40. The age isn't the issue anyway. It was nothing to do with being adjusted back to the weight. He suffered back to back knockouts 4 years before he fought Joe.

You're trying to argue, when Joe himself doesn't rate the win!

The Green glove debate, also wasn't the issue.

The issue was, Roy didn't see the initial right hand from Green, which wasn't even fast. His reflexes were gone.

Lacy was a washed up fighter.

Sheika was never elite.

I notice you duck questions and then as me questions when you wont answer mine. You do this as im not a ducker.
In answer to the question you have asked me. I would call it a fair win only. Jirov hadnt beaten anyone of note as a pro.
I ducked the question to avoid an other argument. But there's no need to argue on this topic anyway. Go and read my previous posts. I've agreed with you.

Believe what you want but look at how there were questions about Berto and Peterson yet they are free to box now, or look at how Morales was let to box or Chavez jnr with the queries that have come up there.
Read Zods thread which he wants to edit away
Fair enough, we'll leave it there.

Probably not if Roy wanted 10mil, but as said so many times You dont know that, so stop trying to argue what YOU DONT KNOW
Right. Let's leave it then.

What was Calzaghe being paid then?
More than the 50K in your example.

How much did lesser fighter O Grant get and how much did Jones get defending against him, and remember Jones wanted 10 mil. Do you know what Calzaghe was being paid, because if Jones wanted 10mil and Calzaghe was getting (and I dont know, this is only an example before it confuses you again) 700k, then a million wouldnt sound unreasonable would it? To vacate a title. Still We dont know and cant say as YOU DONT KNOW.
Once again, you're not allowing for circumstances.
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