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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs. Wlad Klitschko.

Originally Posted by NewsBoy View Post
Sorry. No excuses for Wlad. You can not make the 'taking opponents lightly' excuse. Not for Wladimir.

Lewis, that excuse can be made. Let me explain this.

Lennox showed up overweight and fat against Rahman, he got knocked out. He showed up in shape and 10 pounds lighter, he knocked out Rahman. The evidence was there for all to see. He looked sleeker, more fit, and more active.

Wladimir on the other hand, showed up in perfect physical condition for every single fight. He looked amazing against Purrity he looked amazing against Sanders, he looked amazing against Brewster from a physical point of view. There was no indication he took them lightly, no indication he was out of shape. The training camps I followed went great for all those fighters.

In shape and very much well conditioned Wladimir got knocked out against Sanders, Purrity, and Brewster. It wasn't that he didn't take them seriously, he just had horrendous flaws pre-Manny.

Even an Old Lewis would have exploited those flaws.

Once again we are talking about the Wladimir who looked like **** for five straight fights and we talking like the current version?
Wladimir went 2-2 during that stretch for Christ Sake and we talking like a 50% win ratio fighter during those years could have done anything against old Lewis?
He ****ted Brewster in the rematch, just like Lewis ****tes Rahman. Against purrity he took him lightly and dominated before gassing, didn't do his homework, everyone knows this.

Against sanders he got battered, but eve if that's a stylistic flaw, how many hw fighters throughout history are southpaw volume counter punchers?

Old Lewis v young wlad is a shootout.
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