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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs. Wlad Klitschko.

Originally Posted by NewsBoy View Post
Wrong ****ogies. Rematch Brewster was a different Wlad. When we talking young Wlad vs Old Lewis. We are talking a Young NO MANNY Wlad vs a Old Manny corner Lennox.

Wlad had a lot more flaws prior to 2006 than just the 3 fights in which he got knocked out in.
The point is he proved superiority in the rematch.

Wlads main flaw was being trigger happy and reckless. He still had quick hands, huge size advantage, a genuinely great jab and the hardest one punch power in hw history. With power like that, chin doesn't come into it, if he hits you on the button it's gonna be game over.

Old Lewis was very faded and would be more so by the time this took place. Sure he can take wlad out just as easily himself but wlad holds most of the advantages by this point.
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