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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
Not sure, but the Charoensap I posted above in the fight may not be the Charoensap "Diamond Heart", but I can't be too sure. In the below clips is the "real" Charoensap "Diamond Heart".

It's never good to go by the second gym names as these can chamge frequently, but in the photo on the original clip it looks like the same guy facial but in the clip he looks chunkier in build than the confirmed Charoensap "Diamond Heart"!?

Differing point in his career? Or just different fighter?

Anyway, he's another quality Southerner and here's the original badboy in a couple of ATG battles.

Red shorts in the 1st clip and Blue in the second which annoyingly cuts off!

So I saw this Charoensap fight today and thought I should add it to the list of his. Was this guy ever in a boring fight!? Easy to see why they call him Diamond heart, if in fact it refers to what I think it does...


Another good s**** from Charoensap against Samson Issarn a crazy come forward fighter who seems to enjoy pain. Who says clinchfighting is boring! Certainly not when its done right.

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