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Default Re: Fantasy match up- Fedor Vs George Foreman

Why do so many people think that boxers only know how to punch?
Tyson assaulted someone in a traffic kicking him in the *****.
Watch the scuffle between haye and chisora. Haye throws one punch...
The rest is pulling chisoras head down and elbowing the back of his head.
Alot of boxers were streetfighters, and streetfighting is neither mma nor boxing.
Its grabbing someone by their collar and butting the **** out of the opponents
Face, for instance. Fedor can do that but so can foreman. It depends on who starts
First, who is more lucky, physical strength, technique, scruples etc. No way to predict anything. And even if one guy wins, chances are he loses in a rematch. Everyone calm down.
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