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Default Re: Holman Williams vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez: Greater Fighter

Got to give Holman an edge in resume, and Rodriguez an edge as far as dominance goes.

Depends what you like really. I don't really feel justified in making a call without seeing more of Holman and his opponents though.

For what it's worth I thought Rodriguez clearly won Griffith fights 2,3 and 4. I had him winning the first one too, but that one could have admittedly gone the other way. Rodriguez simply outworked him for mine, and landed the cleaner shots along the way.

Griffith is a great all rounder, but I don't really rank his talent that highly. He was a great stayer and durable as all ****, but I think quite a few of the better welterweights would beat him through their greater skill.

Most of the decent sized welterweights should bear up to his physicality and beat him, and at best he'd probably exploit the punier types like Ross and Whitaker and perhaps Armstrong. Though I'd still favour Hank to gut that out after seeing how close Jose Stable got to beating him.

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