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Default Re: Sucker for the Overhand Right

Thanks all.

I don't think I was too squared up, as I'm usually not whenever I hit the bag or shadowbox. I couldn't see myself in the ring and can't remember much now, but if I was going on instinct I doubt I would've been too square. I could be wrong though. Wish I filmed the session.

I think the main thing was I wasn't even worried about the kid before we started, cuz the last time it was fairly easy sparring him, and it kinda threw me off how agressive he was and how much he had improved. After he threw some haymakers at me, defense went out the window and I was more concerned about hitting him (hard) than blocking/slipping. I blocked whenever he started throwing multiple shots, but I don't think I even tried to slip, catch, or parry the jab once. Even though he's taller, instead of utilizing his reach and outboxing me, he rushed in and tried to smother me, pushing me against the ropes and leaning on me with his bodyweight. Made it easier for me to hit his body/kidneys, but wasn't used to being smothered and outmuscled.

Overall, I think it was a good experience. Glad it happened and I'm looking forward to sparring again to see what I need to improve on.
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