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Default Re: Holman Williams vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez: Greater Fighter

I have to echo much of what Sweet Scientist said in regards to Williams having an edge in in resume, and the lack of film clouding any judgement call. Have to disagree re Emile Griffith, whom I rate very highly in a H2H capacity at welter. LMR had one hell of a resume as well, fighting so many middleweights...LMR was a true iron man, and IMO Griffith was too for that matter.
Stylistically, and this is a real stretch (even more than usual, due to lack of film) LMR just may have the speed, defensive ability, and pace to really trouble Williams...simply because I think LMR gives those troubles to anyone in history at 147. What may shift this to LMR's favor, is Williams' lack of fight changing power. Personally I think LMR was one of the quickest welterweights...faster than Burley, and maybe Gavilan...(but Gavilan is more explosive because he committed to exchanges more.) With that said, another attribute LMR had was excellent defense...with this in mind, LMR could have possibly beaten the great boxer, Holman Williams.

Side note: One fight I've recently thought about is Burley and LMR...(apologies to The Cobra, don't mean to highjack his thought provoking thread)...Two scenarios (naturally) Would LMR's speed and ability to get inside and back out play havoc with Burley's tactics of singular power shots? Again LMR's overall pace, combinations and ability to get out of danger would have definitely given Burley trouble stylewise.

Something to maybe consider in favor of Burley though is the power he carried...In the film against Smith, it is clear Burley has the respect of the larger man, with his punching power. In LMR's fight with Jesse Smith I believe, LMR chose to box more off the backfoot, chosing not to get close to Smith due to the threat of Smith's right hand. LMR demonstrated his class and versatility in doing what he needed to shame there at all...But if he were presented with another powerful puncher who was versatile himself...It would get interesting.There is only one film of Burley...But in that one film, he does everything from fighting off the backfoot, to taking the fight directly to a much larger, power punching light heavyweight...keeping him guessing, and in check for all ten rounds. So even just off just that one fight, Burley demonstrates how great he was...The guess here is Burley would win against LMR...But I think if LMR had fought in Burley's era...he would have had his share of scalps.
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