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Default Re: Fantasy match up- Fedor Vs George Foreman

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
What you say may well be true as long as the fight remains standing but fedor would take Foreman down. Groundfighting is what Fedor does best. No way he makes the mistake of slugging it out with one of the (if not THE) hardest punchers of all time. Fedor is the MMA GOAT for a reason. He is not stupid.

On the ground Foreman would be helpless I'm afraid.
He will take him down if he doesnt get hit in the face or throat first. Or kicked in the ***** or knee cap. Or grabbed and headbutted. Thats what im saying. You just no way can predict what is going to happen. fedor could crack foreman first and it might be lights out even thoughit happened on the stand. What if one guy starts biting the other? You dont pace yourself in a streetfight either. What if fedor insulted foremans mother and this ox goes completely ape**** on fedor? Or vice versa? Its a streetfight with no rules.You just dont know which basically makes this whole thread useless.

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