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Default Re: How do you see Danny's strategy to win?

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
If it's at 200lbs, Cameron will rough Green up and win.
At 195lbs, it will be closer, with it potentially going either way.

Plenty, including you, feel Cameron is **** at the lower weights, and sure, he isn't as good as he can be. But, Green is pretty **** anyway these days.

As for the golden syrup, that's typical uneducated TC trash - as if they'd dangle an illegal drink in the corner between rounds.
TC has no ****en idea, why anyone even remotely considers what he says is unbelievable.
Calm down Sox it's me stifler. I don't believe it nor do I believe he had loaded gloves I was just answering the guy who asked what he was referring to regarding the syrup/drink between rounds. You will get a good price for Cameron if you fancy a bet. Think I heard Green was $1.20 somewhere.
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