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Default Re: Daniel Geale on being stripped of his belt

I mention weeks ago why i changed my mind but it just went straight past your thick head. In short, if GGG hit Geale with the same shots Geale got hit with against Sturm then Geale would hit the canvas and struggle to get back up. Both GGG and Geale have improved however workrate and pitter patter punches are not going to keep GGG at bay. The FACT Geale has taken the much easyer fight in Mundine and stripped of his belt as a result (and he knew this would happen) Tells me that not only Geale but his camp are concern that Geale would NOT get past GGG. If they were so confident then they would have obligated the mandatory and got it on with GGG in time to fight Mundine in 2013.

As for Mundine v Geale, ive also given the reason for that, not that i thought my opinion meant so much to you girls.
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