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Default Re: Fantasy match up- Fedor Vs George Foreman

Originally Posted by pawelg View Post
How do we know that? You dont get kicked in the ***** in mma. You also do not defend against headbutts or gauging of eyes. What if you trap someone in a guilotine and he bites you in the chest? Its a streetfight. If someone is seriously putting me in trouble and his body is in my face, would i not bite him? A streetfight is nothing like mma or boxing. A boxer has the advantage of being used to being hit and knowing how to punch and a wrestler knows how to grapple. Thats it. In the streetfights ive seen it comes down to sheer brutality and who starts. Ive never seen technical streetfights even if guys were trained in some sort of combat. All im saying is it is a very individual thing. You cant go and say fedor would just take him down...he might never get the chance to. Same with big george.

I really don't have the energy to explain to you but it's explained many times. The technique you learn in grappling are far superior to w/e dirty little tricks you'll be able to effectively use. I might lose an eye but you'll be dead.
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