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Default Re: Is KO% a reliable indicator of a fighters power?

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
I submit that it is almost meaningless.

I also feel that it is more directly correlated to a fighters level of opposition.

Bob Satterfield is generally regarded as being one of the hardest pound for pound punchers of all time, but he had a KO% of 44.3%. For contrast Chris Byrd who is universally regarded as a light puncher has a higher KO% at 46.81%, while Joe Calzaghe who has been plagued by hand problems for much of his career has a KO% of 69.57%.

If we rank these fighters by KO%, then the ranking correlates to the average quality of opposition they fought, but is clearly in reverse correlation to their power.
  • Joe Calzaghe 69.57%
  • Chris Byrd 46.81%
  • Bob Satterfield 44.30%
I submit this, in vain hope of laying this old chestnut to rest.
No, it is not a reliable indication.

Ike Williams 38.85%
Jimmy McLarnin 30.58%
George Ko Chaney 43.58%
Lew Jenkins 42.86%
Bud Taylor 22.42%
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